Not interested in a key-note speech and in search for something else to do with your time ?


You can check out the Workshops, where you'll find a mix of cool presentations delivered by specialists. All workshops are taking place in a separate room, close the the Keynote Area, during each afternoon after the lunch break.


Please keep in mind that each workshop has a maximum capacity of approx. 40 persons.


Day 1

14:30 - 16:00 : Dragos Manac (Appnor)

Cloud computing essentials

Cloud is the Hype du Jour. But don't you wish you could really understand what it is all about?

Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service will be demystified by the people who build and sell computing clouds.

Why should you attend?
1. Get the clear facts about cloud computing.
2. Learn how to use it for fun and profit.
3. Discover opportunities for your own business.

We promise you will not get a sales pitch, just insider information. Limited seats available!

16:30-18:00 - Mark Randall, Alexandru Costin and Bogdan Ripa (Adobe)

Entrepreneur in Residence - the truth behind the fancy title

Do you sell your soul for a steady salary, or are you really doing it for the massive support you receive? Are you working for the corporation or is the corporation working for you and your dream?

Find out from our panel who has been on both sides of the fence what are the real challenges and opportunities in taking an Entrepreneur in Residence position. Mark Randall, Alexandru Costin and Bogdan Ripa will be joining us to answer all your questions.

Day 2

14:30 - 16:00 : Alexandru Bolboaca (Mosaic Works)

Delivering Business Value Early and Often

"So you want to build a software product that will bring you money. You have two options: trying to build the best product you can imagine or building it in small increments. If you want to do the first, good luck - you will need it. With the second, you get: early feedback from end users, flexibility in finding the real product that your users need and less risks because you find out really fast if you went in the wrong direction

Join Alexandru Bolboaca and exercise your incremental mind in a practical workshop where you will be forced to do the simplest thing possible at each step of the way. Learn how to lay out your software product such that you can deliver business value early and often."

16:45 - 18:15 : Alexandra Dumitru (Seesmic)

Who owns Brands: MKT or CRM? The clash of the titans: campaigns vs. the tweets of the people

Alexandra will present you a short summary of how companies can and should appeal to the voice of the people to raise the social interaction of their brand.

Launching a product with a landing page and an event is not enough. Responding to their queries in real time is the 21st century definition of Customer Management and Social Engagement.

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