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Mark Randall


As a serial entrepreneur, Mark’s career conceiving, designing and marketing innovative technology spans nearly twenty years and three successful high-tech start-ups. He has fielded over a dozen world-class products which combined have sold over a million units and won a total of 14 Product of the Year, 12 Best of NAB, 7 Best of Comdex, 2 PC Magazine Technical Excellence awards, and one Emmy award.

The products that Mark developed most recently are in use today at all five major television networks, more than half the Fortune 500, all branches of the U.S. government, and thousands of schools around the world. As an inventor Mark is named on ten U.S. patents and is the recipient of a DemoGod award. As an entrepreneur he’s been featured in Prosper Magazine, selected as one of Streaming Magazine’s “50 Most Influential People” as well as being named to Digital Media Magazine’s “Digital Media 100″. As a marketer he has won a national Addy award and Advertising Age’s Corporate Video of the Year. Mark frequently speaks on entrepreneurship, product innovation and technology strategy at industry conferences, universities and in the media, having appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNBC. Mark is currently Chief Strategist / DMO at Adobe Systems, the $25 billion maker of Flash, Acrobat, Photoshop and 75 other products.

Walking down the red carpet at the Emmys proved to be a transformative experience. In 1994 Mark co-founded Play Incorporated, which he whimsically named after his favorite button on a VCR. Play was a self-funded start-up, whose first product, a video capture peripheral named Snappy, generated over $30 million in its first year. Snappy went on to sell over one million units and win 25 editorial awards including the industry’s highest honor, PC Magazine’s “Technical Excellence Award”. Play’s second product, Trinity, became the only product ever to sweep all five editorial awards for “Best of Show” at the industry’s largest trade show, and the only product ever to win “Best of Comdex” twice. Play’s 3D animation tool, Electric Image, created special effects for hundreds of movies and TV shows including Hollywood hits such as Titanic, Mission Impossible, Men in Black, The Mask, Star Trek: The Next Generation and over 800 shots for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Play was sold to Globalstreams in 2000.

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