Meet the Speakers

Christian Heilmann


Chris Heilmann’s job is to make developers happy and to explain technology in a simple manner so that anyone can use it to build the internet of awesome we should have had a few years ago.

As lead developer evangelist for the Yahoo developer network Chris lives on the web, travels from conference to conference and hack day to hack day and contributes as an expert to the biggest blogs like Microsoft Script Junkie, Ajaxian, Smashing Magazine and Nettuts+.

Chris has been in Yahoo for four years and is – amongst other things – to blame for Yahoo Answers, Maps and why YQL and YUI is so amazing (by badgering and inspiring the teams to do excellent rather than just good)

You can find Christian on Twitter or on his personal website, but as he is an international speaker for various events this seems to be the easiest way to get in touch with him. A great opportunity will of course be How To Web 2010.

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