7 Reasons

  • Build better web apps & businesses

    How To Web speakers will only deliver practical hands-on presentations, valuable for building your web apps and businesses. Keep in mind that commercial presentations are totally forbidden. We want you to get informed, not bored.

  • Find out more about global web trends

    Don’t worry. We are not planning to tell you one more time that Twitter is the next big thing. However, our speakers and panelists will share with you some precious insights regarding web platforms, the social web, video distribution and many other.

  • Interact with top-class speakers

    At How to Web you’ll meet the Hi5 founder – Ramu Yalamanchi, the The Next Web founder – Patrick de Laive, the Seedcamp CEO – Reshma Sohoni and many other international web personalities. Every key-note will end with a Q&A section, where any attendee can ask our top-class speakers more information related to the presentation’s subject.

  • Learn how to finance your business

    Many opportunities are lost due to poor financing, especially in Eastern Europe. That is why we have invited top business angels and venture capital investors to give you more information on how and whom to ask for financing in any stage of your business.

  • Meet potential clients, colleagues, partners and investors

    At How to Web you can start businesses, make new deals or meet people from all across Europe. In the dedicated networking areas you can have a coffee and chat to the guys next to you through-out the entire event.

  • Fuel your ideas and gather feedback

    Discussing your ideas and projects with experienced international entrepreneurs can fuel unexpected solutions. This is exactly why we consider How To Web 2010 a potential catalyst for solutions to your web projects. Don’t waste your time during coffee breaks! Gather feedback about your product or project.

  • Socialize and have fun!

    Work hard, party harder! After each conference day, all our guests are invited to exclusive parties where they can have fun and get to know each other better.

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